Rental Agreement

Tenant Info
Tenant Name: _______________________________________________________
Home Phone #:(_____) ____ - ________
Work Phone #:(_____) ____ - ________
Cell Phone #:(_____) ____ - ________
Email Address:

Agreement Terms
  1. Date of this agreement:
  2. Property Address: Given upon payment
  3. Terms of Agreement:
    From: ___________________ at 4:00 PM
    To: ___________________ at 1:00 PM
  4. Rental Amount:
    Nightly rent:$____________ Weekly Rent: $____________
    No. of Nights: ____________ No. of Weeks:____________
    =____________ =____________
     x9% room tax  x9% room tax
     =____________  =____________
  5. Deposit $200.00.
    This sum represents a security deposit. Upon payment in full, the $200.00 converts into a cleaning/security deposit. The $200.00 is fully refundable if the cleaning inspection takes less than 30 minutes and the property has sustained no damage during the tenant's contracted occupancy. Landlord has the right to withhold a $30.00 per hour cleaning charge for inspections requiring more than 30 minutes. Refund of deposit subject to all terms and conditions of this agreement.
  6. Total Due:
    $__________ Payment in full of the rent must be received no later than thirty days (30 days) prior to the first date of occupancy. NO EXEPTIONS. When final payment is received call the owner for the combination to the lock box. The lock box is located near the front door and contains key to the house. It is advised that the key remain in the lock box when not in use.
    Amount Paid:
    Balance Due:
  7. Indemnity.
    During the occupancy of the property the tenant shall indemnify and hold the owner harmless from any and all damages, loss and claims sustained or caused by Tenant. This indemnity shall include any loss or destruction of personal property of the owner. Owner has the right to apply the security deposit by reason of any such loss or damage. Personal property includes glasses, towels, sheets, furniture, appliances, and other such items.
  8. Rules and Regulations.
    Tenant shall abide by the rules and regulations, a copy of which is included in this packet.
  9. Number of People.
    Tenant represents to the owner the number of people who will occupy the property during the term of this agreement. No more than two adults per bedroom. This does not include children under the age of 15.
  10. City of Seaside Ordinance.
    Tenant must comply with the City of Seaside Ordinance which requires, that no occupant may disturb the neighbors by creating excessive noise, dirt, litter, or odor.
  11. Cancellation of Rental.
    If agreement is cancelled less that thirty days (30 days) prior to the first date of occupancy, the deposit will be forfeited. If agreement is cancelled less than fourteen days (14 days) prior to the first date of occupancy, the entire sum paid including deposit will be forfeited. If the rental agreement is returned for insufficient funds for any reason the Tenant's reservation is automatically canceled and, the advance rental deposit of $200.00 will be retained by the owner as liquidated damages.
There are neighbors that live year round near our home. To date we have had no complaints from any neighbor. Please help us ensure this record.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Sign:____________________________________ Date:__________________

Please mail rental agreement and payments to:

Oliver Beach House
19815 Castleberry Loop
Oregon City, OR 97045